Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Vote for the White House Farmer

The United States has a White House chef. It's time for a White House farmer. Everyone, from your family and friends to our First Family and their guests, needs to know who grew their food and how it was grown.

There are hundreds of knowledgeable, passionate farmers out there who could fill this post. And now until January 31, you can vote for your favorite farmer at

Browse the nominees and cast your vote. The top three choices will be submitted to our new President for consideration. Be sure to vote at by this Saturday, Jan 31, to be heard!

If you don't have a farmer to vote for, browse the nominees and read about them. They are all pretty incredible. If you still can't decide, vote for Richard deWilde. He has been a leader in the organic CSA movement here in MN and WI. Google him and learn more about him. He got my vote.

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