Wednesday, July 16, 2008

A robin built her nest in my apple tree!

I am surprised we haven't had more robin nests in our yard - such a perfect place to build - ripe currants and raspberries near by to eat. And my organic garden is a great source of worms. The bird bath provides a nice drink and a place to cool off.
I had no idea that robins built nests this late in the year so I did some research and found out that they build 2 to 3 nests per year - one in the spring and one in the summer here - probably a third one a little further south. They do not reuse the nest - once the young have left the nest, it will be abandoned.
We are all looking forward to watching the young grow once they hatch.


Tam said...

We had some interesting Robin experiences this year. Our local babies are ground roaming right now.

Kathi said...

Do tell Tam. Did you blog about your experiences? If you did I missed it on your blog. I would love to hear them.

Tam said...

I have a video of a swallow being followed by what looks like half-grown Robin chicks to me (they are slightly larger than the swallow). The swallow feeds them eventually. It was hilarious.

Then we found one of the babies dead by our front porch and the other one confused and weak in the driveway so we adopted it for the afternoon and the boys fed it berries and bugs with chopsticks until we released it under the fir tree. I hope the parents came back to feed it. We haven't seen him in awhile.

Perhaps he's flying now.